The Khatwa program empowers young change makers in Egypt with trainings, mentoring, project management skills and project support through 2014.The Elements of the program:

Kick off

The launch of the program and an orientation meeting on 30 January 2014, in Cairo.


In two workshops, each for 25 participants, participants will discuss topics that are relevant for their vision of a civil society. Here participants start developing ideas and concepts for their self-responsible volunteer projects.

One topic will be “Me, My Community, My World” focusing on topics of identity, self-organizing, collectivism vs. individualism, community, and more. This will take place 16-23 February 2014 in Dahab.

The other seminar is to “Identity Every Day”, focusing on topics of diversity, gender equality, family, and more will take place 31 July- 5 August in Fayoum.

Project Management Seminar

Here the participants work on their project ideas. They receive training in project management, consulting and coaching. Project Management Seminar will take place 5 August- 9 August 2014 in Fayoum.

Project Work and Mentoring

Participants develop, present, and implement a small-scale, sustainable project of their own choosing. The program coordinators and a mentor accompany the project teams during the implementation. Mentoring is a supportive instrument, which means, that the project teams are acting fully self-responsible during the whole course of the project. Implementation and mentoring occur simultaneously from August 2014-December 2014.

Reflection seminar

Project work is an intensive process. In this seminar we evaluate the projects, reflect the gained experience in detail and focus as well on the new opportunities raising from the successful activism. This will take place in December 2014.